Grandma Daisy’s Angel Biscuits | 7

honey chicken jus, sea salt & benne seeds {VP}

Drunken Deviled Eggs | 7

handsome brook farm eggs, pickled beets, herbs & root chips {GF,V}

Root & Bone Chicken Biscuits | 14

two biscuits topped with our signature fried chicken, Tabasco pepper jelly & homemade pickles

Fried Green Tomato ‘BLT’ | 13

fried pickled green tomato, pork belly bacon, pimento cheese & tomato jam

Smoky Bacon Board | 16

salty, smoky, sticky pork belly bacon, crispy skin, marinated cheese curd & mixed pickles {GFP}


Add to Any Salad Fish +10 | Shrimp +7 | Chicken Breast +6

R & B Wedge Salad | 15

baby iceburg lettuce, blue cheese, bacon, avocado, corn, pickled onion & buttermilk ranch {GF}

Roasted Beet & Pear Salad | 15

goat cheese croquette, pomegranate molasses, baby arugula, citrus & pistachio {GFP,V}

Farmer’s Salad | 11

garden vegetables, candied pecans, sourdough croutons & lemon thyme vinaigrette {GFP,V}

Winter Squash Soup | 9

honey sesame dumplings, crème fraîche, toasted pumpkin seed {GF,V}


Fried Chicken Brined in Sweet Tea

Miller Amish Chicken, lemon powder & honey Tabasco sauce {GFP}
half bird | 19     full bird | 36

Barbecue Bruleed Spare Ribs

smoky & burnt brown sugar crusted ribs, pickled fresno chilies & tangy bbq {GF}
half rack | 19     full rack | 36


Braised Short Rib ‘Meatloaf’ | 27

creamy mashed potatoes, asparagus, veal demi glace & heirloom tomato jam {GF}

Shrimp & Grits | 27

royal red shrimp, creamy grits, melted tomato, red onion, sweet corn, andouille sausage & rich beer jus {GFP}

Mojo Pork Chop | 32

smokey plantain barbecue, sweet dark plantains & pork belly bacon {GF}

Chicken Under a Brick | 28

farro risotto, kobocha squash puree, crumbled goat cheese, pomegranate brussel sprout leaves  {GF}

Fish Scampi | 32

pan seared catch of the day, melted leek, shaved fennel, sautéed shrimp & citrus butter {GF}

Char Grilled Filet Mignon | 39

horseradish crusted 6oz filet, fennel and squash gratin, grilled asparagus, red wine demi glace {GF}


Grits | 9

creamy local grits, pimento cheese

grilled sweet corn & cornbread crumbles {GFP,V}

Gooey Sweet Corn Soufflé | 9

cast iron baked, cheddar & buttermilk cream {GF,V}

Mac & Cheese | 9

crunchy cheese & biscuit herb crust {V}

Truffled Tater Tots | 9

crispy little barrel potatoes, truffled crème fraîche chives{V}

Big Butter Beans | 8

creamy and tangy marinated butter beans

with roasted red pepper & herbs {GF,V}

Buckwheat Cheddar Waffles | 7

two waffles, melted cheddar cheese

& bourbon maple syrup {V}

Pickle Jar | 7

assortment of house made pickled vegetables {GF, V}

Smoky Plantains & Bacon | 9

smoked and melted dark plantains {GF}

Grilled Asparagus | 8

pickled lemon emulsion {GF}

Loaded Sweet Potato | 7

maple butter & oat crumble{GF, V}

Executive Chefs Janine Booth & Jeffrey McInnis

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


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